our services are for non-technical people.  a perfect customer would be a small local business without a web presence.  we do it all for one low monthly fee, and we will be the only service you need.  no talking to designers, web hosting guys, web page designers, or seo specialists.


our fees are all inclsv.  that includes web design, ecommerce*, logo design, seo optimization* for one low monthly fee.  no expensive setup costs or design fees.


just email us any images or content you want on your website, and any preferences you have for design.  after we receive approval from you, your website is live.  we also provide up to 10 updates* a month with our all-inclsv package fee.  


we will take it from here. all services to get your web site up and going are included, but these are some of the major ones that are included in your monthly fee.

  • web site design
  • logo design
  • email forwarding setup @yourdomain.com
  • cms installation & configuration (wordpress, drupal, woocommerce)
  • domain purchasing
  • web hosting
  • ecommerce setup
  • add to search indexes
  • list with google businesses
  • create social media pages
  • link social media pages to website
  • update your content on a regular basis
  • seo optimization
  • keyword research
  • widget configuration
  • and much more!


two economical packages to choose from..

With our basic package you get..

  • Design (Up to 5 Pages)
  • Logo Design
  • Domain Purchasing (www.yourdomain.com)
  • Unlimited Revisions Pre-Launch
  • Website Hosting
  • Login to Update your own Blog with Articles/Writings
  • 30-Guarantee - Don't like our service? Walk away and only be out the first month price.

With our all-inclsv package you get..

  • Design (Up to 10 Pages)
  • 10 Updates per month
  • Logo Design
  • Domain Purchasing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Unlimited Revisions Pre-Launch
  • Website Hosting
  • Google Business Directory Listing Setup
  • Social Media Page(s) Setup
  • eCommerce Setup
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Content Management System Setup

custom package? contact us here



you have questions, we have answers.

is this really all inclusive?

yes, viewing the chart above, all the services listed are done at your request. 

how long does it take to get my site up and running?

after we receive all the requirements, images, documents, content from you, your site should be up and running in seven days.  eCommerce sites are a special exception and may require a little bit longer.

what if I have an existing website?

we can do a redesign and make your site look better than ever with a modern design.  we can still import the old content from your website with the all-inclsv plan.

will you really do it all?

yes, if you provide us with the information necessary.  we have requirements for each project that we need from you.  things like images, designs, user stories you want us to incorporate into your website.  we will purchase the domain, set up hosting services, take care of the monthly payments for these services behind the scenes.  we will do comprehensive seo on your website at your request, set up an ecommerce store.  whatever you need, we offer.  all these fees come out your monthly payment to us.  we will never come back and ask for more money regarding anything website related.